Free HESI A2 Practice Questions Right At Your Finger Tips

HESI A2 Pocket Prep

This is an amazing, on the go, study app that we always recommend to our students during our HESI A2 tutoring sessions and workshops.

What is amazing about this free app, is not only can you be ANYWHERE at don't need to use up all of your data and internet to use the app! That's right you can be offline, or a hurricane can knock off the power lines which connects you to the internet and you'll still be able to study for your exam. No excuses! ;-)

Pocket Prep comes with hundreds and over a thousand (with paid premium) questions that will prepare you for the HESI A2 nursing entrance exam.

Why We Love Pocket Prep

Even though our study guides offer in depth diagrams, fill in the blanks, and worksheets. You can never get enough practice questions. This is what the HESI will be like: hundreds of multiple choice test questions in a 4-5 hour sitting.

So download it now, it's FREE and a great accompaniment to our study guides!

To get a free HESI practice test with fully explained answers and solutions, enter your email below.

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