How HESI A2 Exam Security Is Stricter than TSA Airport Security

Who would have ever guessed that taking a nursing entrance exam would have higher security measures than going through TSA at the airport?

Well let me tell you.

You cannot have anything in your pockets. Absolutely nothing.

Nada. Zilch. Zero.

No old Kroger receipt from the time you stopped by to pick up milk (or a Snicker’s bar).

Girls (and boys) take those dangly earrings off. HESI doesn’t care if you’re trying to look cute.

You got a quarter and a dime and a few pennies in your pocket? Empty them and place them in the locker!

Once you walk in to the testing center, you will need to show them official government ID like your driver’s license or passport or state ID. Thankfully, only one form of ID is required. Then you will walk into another room, in which you will be pat down.

Yes, pat down.

And then you will have to stand with your arms and legs out so the security person can use their hand held wand, ahem, hand held metal detector and sweep you for any suspicious metals (or cameras) you may have on you!

Oh you also wear glasses? Well take them off! You will need to take them off temporarily and show them to the test registering person to ensure them your lenses don’t have the answers on them or secret top agent CIA, FBI, high tech cameras!

And if you do, why are you taking the HESI exam? This is for health professionals not IT engineers!

All in all, security is pretty tight, but thankfully, you are allowed breaks.

The HESI is a very long exam, that spans over four hours long. So whenever your eyes need a break or your legs start to get restless.

Get up. Take a break. Have a drink of water. The test administration WILL let you take a break.

We very much urge you to take as many breaks. It can become difficult to sit for such a long period of time. 


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