The #1 Thing Students Miss in the HESI A2 Math Section

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Don't let the HESI A2 math section stop you from getting in to the nursing program!

Let’s talk ratios…

So many pre-nursing students have reached out saying you missed your HESI A2 nursing entrance ratio questions and you don’t know why…well we think we may know exactly where you went wrong. Let’s dive in with an example.

If the ratio of red balls to green balls is 3:5, how many balls are green if a bag contains 320?

“Three out of five,” you say? “That’s three fifths... ⅗ of 320 is 192 – easy!”

Only that’s not right. That’s not right at all! The answer is actually 200.

How?! Check this out.

When we solve a part-part-whole ratio problem like the one above, we must factor in BOTH colors of chips. To do this, we put the quantity what we’re interested in (green) in our numerator. Since green is represented by 5 in the ratio, our numerator will be five. Then we add the quantities of both options in our denominator (3+5). 

This gives us 5/8. Next, we multiply 5/8 by our total (320). And then, we arrive at our answer: 200 green balls

So, there it is. Cheers to never missing another ratio question! One step closer to passing the HESI A2 and getting accepted into your dream nursing school!

For a step by step walk through and bonus Q, check this out or watch the video below:

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