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What is Ready For The HESI A2?

The only HESI A2 Study Guide that guarantees you pass or your money back. **Guaranteed to pass or your money back...for real. If you don't pass, just send a screenshot of your score and we refund you 100% as long as it's within the 30 days.

Do you offer discounts for your HESI A2 study guides?

Absotootly. I was a college student once too! Knock off 10% by filling out this survey.

Who created Ready For the HESI A2?

A nursing student...just like you!


Hi, I'm Grace!

I have tutored the HESI A2 Exam since 2011.

Hundreds of students have read my material and used my student guides to learn how to pass the HESI exam.

I take a different approach than most HESI study guides. I have actually taken the exam myself (several times) in order to make sure I am tutoring students correctly.

Nursing school is so competitive so I personally and by first hand experience understand how the HESI A2 could be the only thing stopping you from sending off your nursing applications.

I know you have a ton of other choices on the internet so I know I have to earn your trust.

This is why we create a ton of free content. And me or my team personally answer all of your emails

If you have any more questions, send me an email! Even if you don't buy a study guide or don't need tutoring, feel free to drop an email for any HESI A2 related question.

Happy studying,