I did not receive my free HESI practice test. What the heq?!

Seriously?! How annoying. If you've already checked your spam or junk mail and at least five minutes have passed, send us a support email at help@readyforthehesi.org and Taylor will get it sent directly to your email!

Can I switch one study guide for another?

They cannot be switched, because of the nature of the product, once the download link is sent to you, that's it. Kind of like pulling the fire alarm, once it's done, it cannot be undone! So be sure you read carefully which HESI section you are purchasing.

Can I upgrade to the All 7 Subjects HESI study guide after I have purchased just one? 

Totally. That's the better deal actually! And it turns out to be way cheaper per study guide, and you get all of it as if you were buying them individually! Just send us an email help@readyforthehesi.org and we'll set you up to receive the full study guides of the other sections.

I purchased the HESI study guide and I did not receive my download link? Halp!

Oh jeez. These technology apps can be fickle AF. Send us an email STAT at help@readyforthehesi.org so we can get you studying ASAP.

What forms of payment do you accept?

It's 2018, pewpel! So we accept all major credit cards, and we cannot accept money orders, checks, or cash because that's, like, so 1999.

What is your refund policy?

Always good to ask! Check out our policy here.

Do you offer TEAS test prep material too?

Shol, do! Check out our 170 TEAS practice test.

Can I buy a gift card or gift certificate for a friend?

zOMG you are so nice to give this to a friend! Yes, you certainly can. Send over an email to Taylor at help@readyforthehesi.org to give the gift that keeps on giving.